Thursday, October 06, 2005


Meet my friend Diane. She lives in beautiful, sunny San Diego. She works for a FedEx/Kinkos as an Assistant Manager and absolutely HATES her job, however, she's toughing it out because of the office skills that has aquired while working that, besides the management training program that they are putting her through. It always looks good to have the word "Manager" on your resume, even if it is assistant. Anyways, everybody knows the "assistants" do the actual work.

Diane is 24 and single. She's extremely picky and if the guy has an "off" day, she cuts him no slack and immediately dumps him, which is why she is going to be forever singles and live with 20 cats, who will turn on her one day when she trys to feed them powdered milk. (I know this because I have ESP, and I watch a lot of commercials).

In this picture, Diane was really drunk at a party and we thought it would be funny to throw her in a bubble bath (since we don't have a pool) with her clothes on. This picture tured out great with the look on her face and the fact that it looks like she's wearing a bathing suit, when it's actually a halter top.

Random Diane fact #1: She wears mens deodorant because she feels as though it keeps her more dryer than womens deodorant. (I guess she perspires a lot!)

Random Diane fact #2: Her first car was a VW Sqareback, and she had to ride the bus in High School most of the time because her car was always broken. One day, this guy was getting into the car and put his foot right through the floor board.

Monday, September 26, 2005


This is Rebecca. She's 33 and from Wisconsin. She plays guitar as a hobby, giving up her rock star dreams about 5 years ago. She plays in the local dive bars as a solo act. Just her and her guitar. She likes it that way.

During the day, she is the Men's Department Manager at Sears. She likes it because it's flexible and she gets a 20% employee discount. She just hate dealing with the crappy customers who come in, because by the time she sees them, they are all pissed off at the clerk who has only been there for a week and doesn' t really know store policy. Even if the clerk did know store policy, customers like to go over their head and speak with a manager.

Random Rebecca fact #1: Rebecca really likes folk music, but hasn't really found an audience for it.

Random Rebecca fact #2: She's secretly a lesbian, but hasn't come out of the closet yet because she knows that her family would dis-own her.

Friday, September 23, 2005


I would like to introduce you to Wanda. She is 28 and lives in Wisconsin. She has been a professional Karaoke singer for about 6 years now and does a dead-on rendition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All".

She volunteers at the local Boys & Girls club and runs a Karaoke program for the kids. It makes her feel good to give back to the community and put smiles on kids faces.

She lives with her boyfriend Ed, and she really wants to get married and start a family because she ain't no spring chicken anymore, and her biological clock it ticking. For some reason Ed has reservations about getting married. Maybe he is holding out for something better to come along. Anyways, Wanda has given Ed an ultimatium, and that if they aren't engaged by the end of the year, then she is moving on.

Wanda made the huge mistake of calling Dr. Laura to tell her about her problems with Ed. Dr. Laura of course does not support live-in arrangements, even though Wanda has been dating Ed for 8 years and has lived with him for the past 4. Dr. Laura told Wanda that Ed is living the married man's life-style and has his caked and is eating it too. This is why Wanda is giving Ed the ultimatium.

Random Fact #1: Wanda tried out for American Idol, and made it to the second round. She feels as though she wasn't given a fair chance and was crushed when Simon told her she needed to update her look.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I would like to introduce to you Juliette. She is 25 and a Legal Secretary from Portland Oregon. Juliette is still a virgin and is saving herself for marriage. The downer on that is she can't find any guys to wait that long, so her relationships usually don't last.

In this picture she is holding her cat Muffin. This is one of the 5 cats she has in her house. She spends a small fortune on Kitty litter and Cat food every month, which is most of her disposable income, leaving very little for her wardrobe. She ocasionally will treat herself to a shopping spree at Goodwill or Desert Industries and if she's feeling really special, she just might hit the clearance rack at TJ Maxx.

Random Fact #1: Juilette hates her job, and feels stuck because she's doing what she went to Junior College for.

Random Fact #2: She's dabbeling in online dating and finds it very exciting. She's fibbed a little on her profile, and kind of feels guilty about that and will confess at mass this coming Sunday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This is Laurie, a 29 year old School Teacher from California. She loves kids and wanted to follow in the foot steps of her grandmother who was a kindergarten school teacher for 20 plus years.

Laurie is single and has a profile on, where she has this picture posted to show her sence of humor by going as a Sister, Sista, Sister for Halloween last year. Which means that she's a Black Nun (aka the Sister, Sista part) and also has a sister. So that makes her a Sister, Sista, Sister. I know, it's really alot to explain for a halloween costume.

She's met a few guys as a result of her EHarmony profile, but hasn't really had much luck. The first guy she met wanted to marry her after a month of dating, so she quickly dumped him. It's not that she's scared to get married. In fact she wants that more than anything, since her clock is ticking, but he took things way to fast and became smothering.

She was also drunk when this picture was taken, and somehow a moustache appeared as she was on her way to the floor. She doesn't drink much, but when she does, she can either be a real bitch, the life of the party or an emotional mess. You never know which "Laurie" you're gonna get when the tequilla shooters start going down.

Random Fact #1: Laurie's extremely responsible with most aspects of her life and isn't a risk taker.

Random Fact #2: When she was 9, she placed 4th in Shot Put at the Track Meet Nationals.

Random Fact #3: She wants to marry a guy with dark skin so that her kids aren't see-through like her.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This is Raquel. She is 24 and originally from Las Vegas but moved to Hollywood three years ago to get away from her wacked out mother. Raquel's parents divorced when she was 5. She has two brothers, one older and one younger.

Raquel has been suporting herself by working in a tatto shop off of Sunset Blvd. as a body piercing specailist, and has pierced people in just about every body part imaginable. Her specailty is the Prince Albert.

Her best friend is a gay Asian guy who goes by the name of Leela. They are very much into the Rave scene and their drug of choice is X. Obviously by this picture, she helps to give the city Hollywood the nickname HollyWierd. She is into goth and idolizes Marilyn Manson.

Random Fact #1: Raquel is a vegan and will only wear Pleather. Her favorite outfit is a black Pleather body suit (which she can no longer fit into) with a chain belt and knee high Doc Martins.

Random Fact #2: She had a Ragedy Anne doll when she was a little girl which gave her comfort when she got scared in the middle of the night.

Monday, September 19, 2005


I have to say I just love this game and have seen it on a few various websites, so I decide to create a blog dedicated soley to this game.

To play, read the description about the girl you see and make up your own random facts about her, based upon the information provided. Check back daily as I will post picutures of my friends, or just some random photos I find on the internet of people I don't even know.

Here's the first one:


April is 31 and a mother of two kids, ages 12 and 7. She recently became engaged to the man of her dreams. She lives near the beach, but hasn't had the opportunity to actually go to the beach, because of the kids schedules.

April is an Admin for an environmental firm, and hates her job and is hoping for a new career oportunity to come her way soon.

Random Fact #1: She loves Tiffany's, Dooney & Bourke and is a total brand name whore, even though she can't really afford to buy any of it, and all of her Tiffany's jewelry that she owns, she's recieved as gifts or has purchased off of Ebay.

Random Fact #2: April enjoys a glass of wine and will usually have one with dinner. If she drinks two glasses, she'll wake up with a hangover.