Thursday, October 06, 2005


Meet my friend Diane. She lives in beautiful, sunny San Diego. She works for a FedEx/Kinkos as an Assistant Manager and absolutely HATES her job, however, she's toughing it out because of the office skills that has aquired while working that, besides the management training program that they are putting her through. It always looks good to have the word "Manager" on your resume, even if it is assistant. Anyways, everybody knows the "assistants" do the actual work.

Diane is 24 and single. She's extremely picky and if the guy has an "off" day, she cuts him no slack and immediately dumps him, which is why she is going to be forever singles and live with 20 cats, who will turn on her one day when she trys to feed them powdered milk. (I know this because I have ESP, and I watch a lot of commercials).

In this picture, Diane was really drunk at a party and we thought it would be funny to throw her in a bubble bath (since we don't have a pool) with her clothes on. This picture tured out great with the look on her face and the fact that it looks like she's wearing a bathing suit, when it's actually a halter top.

Random Diane fact #1: She wears mens deodorant because she feels as though it keeps her more dryer than womens deodorant. (I guess she perspires a lot!)

Random Diane fact #2: Her first car was a VW Sqareback, and she had to ride the bus in High School most of the time because her car was always broken. One day, this guy was getting into the car and put his foot right through the floor board.